A woman went inside the small cramped space of an airplane bathroom. She then noticed a blinking blue light.

The woman was flying first class on board a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston on May 5. She noticed the “blue blinking light” placed on the gap between a cabinet and door next to the bathroom door hinge.

She picked up the blinking object using a paper towel and handed it over to the cabin crew.

United Airlines Corporate Security confiscated the item and identified it as a video camera.

A Malaysian man, Choon Ping Lee, now faces charges for voyeurism. Investigators identified Lee on the video footage as he was installing the camera inside the bathroom. Although they could not see Lee’s face, they identified him by a watch on his left wrist, a small bracelet on his right, and a blue short-sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

FBI San Diego and the Houston Police Department reviewed security footage around the airport and kept their eyes on a man that matched the one on the bathroom camera footage. They managed to track down Lee.

Lee, an employee of multinational oil company Halliburton, was also seated in first class on the flight.

Officials said Lee was a repeat offender, citing deleted files on the device which also contained footage from an earlier Emirates Airlines flight.

In a report by ABC News, Halliburton released a statement regarding the incident, saying

“We have a robust Code of Business Conduct and expect every employee to abide by the standards contained in the Code and all applicable laws.”

If convicted, Lee can face a year of jail time.

Source: http://theindependent.sg/malaysian-man-caught-placing-hidden-camera-in-airplane-bathroom/